Black Inner City Pastor Endorses Trump – Says Trump Will Win Black Vote (Video)

Dr. Steve Parson Sr. says Black Americans will vote for Donald Trump.
dr. steve parson
Dr. Parson believes blacks will vote Trump because the Wealthy who are in support of him for President are willing to fund the inner city and Minorities with Billions to make America great again and prove they are not racist and have a heart for all minorities.

“Don’t believe the lies. All the lies are coming from the Democratic liberal media that is trying to keep him from being president. It’s all political stuff y’all. Listen, don’t believe that stuff. If you’re gonna believe anybody believe a minister that’s telling you we’re in store for the greatest financial move. We’re in store for a wealth transfer. We’re in store for a moving back to God that we’ve never seen before. I believe it’s our time and our season. And blessed God. We’re gonna give God all the glory for it. Vote Donald Trump.”

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