Birmingham Shelter Closed To Homeless People FOR A BERNIE SANDERS RALLY

Birmingham Homeless Shelter

Progressives really care about the homeless. Unless they need to use a homeless shelter for a Bernie Sanders rally on a cold night, of course. reported:

On coldest night of 2016, Birmingham’s homeless warming station used for Sanders rally

With temperatures in Birmingham expected to dropped to 20 overnight — the lowest temperature thus far in 2016 — the place where the city’s homeless usually go to seek shelter from the cold is unavailable.

Boutwell Auditorium, typically used as a warming station in such situations, is not available tonight because presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is speaking to a large audience. Factoring in wind chill, it might feel more like 15 degrees on the streets of Birmingham tonight.

Last week, the auditorium housed about 300 people a night when it served as a warming station for three nights.

“We’ve never had a night like this where it will be in the teens and we weren’t able to open,” said Don Lupo, of the mayor’s office of citizen’s assistance.

“Unfortunately, no, we do not have an alternative location and were unable to have the warming station tonight,” said Birmingham city spokeswoman April Odom.

“However, we are working with local area homeless shelters and the BPD to help anyone in need to get to a shelter.”

America will need a lot more homeless shelters if Bernie is elected president.


You count on that.


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