Awful. Conservative Dana Loesch Suffers Disgusting Abuse After Voicing Opinion Against Trump

In an unprecedented editorial effort National Review, a semi-monthly conservative magazine based in New York City, published a special edition Friday bashing GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

22 conservatives contributed to this special edition.
national review trump

Conservative radio and television host Dana Loesch participated in this effort. On Thursday night Dana went on The Kelly File. She was careful to explain her disagreements with Donald Trump’s positions and not her personal feelings about the man.

Since then she has been raked over the coals by Trump supporters.
Here are a couple of examples of the threats and abuse Dana has endured since Thursday night.

Vile name-calling.
cox dana

Death fetish tweets:

And accusations of abortions:
dana abuse

As Gateway Pundit readers know, Dana and I may disagree on Trump, but I certainly do not approve of this kind of appalling and abusive language leveled against a fellow conservative.

At the end of the day Independents, Conservatives and Libertarians must come together to defeat the rising tide of Socialism threatening America.
Let’s remember that before we eat our own.

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