Anti-Trump NH Union Leader Tossed from Debate – Trump Takes Credit

trump union leader
ABC announced this weekend it had severed ties with the anti-Trump New Hampshire Union Leader for the GOP primary debate on February 6, 2016.

Donald Trump was quick to pounce.

And Trump took credit for the development.


Donald Trump slammed the Union Leader last week after its latest anti-Trump editorial.

The Politico reported:

ABC is cutting off their partnership with the New Hampshire Union Leader for the Republican primary debate on Feb. 6, an ABC spokesperson has confirmed.

The paper was set to have a co-branding relationship for the debate, though it was going to be a comparatively minor role, without any representative on stage asking questions on behalf of the newspaper. In a series of tweets on Sunday, Trump took credit for ABC’s move, saying he asked for ABC to remove the paper from the debate.

An ABC spokesperson declined to comment on his claims, but ever since the paper’s participation in the December Democratic debate, the relationship with ABC had become strained, at best, a source at ABC with knowledge of the situation said. Adding to the strained relationship, the source said, was the paper’s singling out of one particular candidate, Donald Trump, with front page editorials.

WMUR, the ABC affiliate which the Democratic National Committee had kicked out of participating in the December debate over a union dispute, will see anchor Josh McElveen participating in some form with David Muir and Martha Raddatz moderating.

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