Afghan Female Lawmaker Praises Deadly Suicide Attack on Journalists – “Filthy Bastards of the US”

Afghan lawmaker Huma Sultani announced her support for Taliban ideology and endorses ISIS in Afghanistan in August.

Aghan female lawmaker Huma Sultani praised the murderous Taliban attack that killed 7 journalists last week. Sultani called the dead reporters “filthy bastards of the US” on Facebook. reported, via Religion of Peace:

A female Afghan lawmaker, Homa Sultani, glorified a gruesome attack carried out against Afghan journalists by the Taliban on her official Facebook account, stating:

“I am thankful to God Almighty that an attack by a devotee killed a number of filthy bastards of the US… May God accept the martyrdom of this devotee and grant him a place in Paradise… and place these filthy, illegitimate creations of the US and other Kuffar (non-Muslims) in the lowest of Hell… Amen”

A minibus carrying journalists working for TOLO, a private Afghan television channel, was targeted by a Taliban suicide car bomber four days ago, killing 7 employees and injuring 25 others, including women and children. Three of those killed were women. Television footage showed the black burned-out shell of the vehicle where fire had torn through the roof and windows.

The Taliban had openly threatened the television channel last year after it reported the crimes carried out by the Taliban fighters during the battle for Kunduz.

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