Actor Kevin Sorbo Defends Ted Cruz: “People Are Looking to Be Offended – Every City Thinks They’re Best”

Actor Kevin Sorbo joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV Friday to talk about his new film “Caged No More.” The film raises awareness on the horrors of human trafficking.

malzberg sorbo

During the interview Sorbo defended Ted Cruz’s remarks on New York City.

Kevin Sorbo: You know what? We live in a world where people are looking to be offended by something. Everybody, I make posts on Facebook, some of the stuff that comes back to me. I just have to laugh. You could say my favorite color’s blue… People are just looking to be offended today.

Steve Malzberg: But is this a way to get Cruz? Obviously, he was talking about social values. Abortion, this, that…

Kevin Sorbo: I think anybody who saw what New York had to suffer on 9-11 would have come together. Thank God they did. But, let’s face it. Every city has their own personal vibe. Every city thinks they’re better than another city. New York thinks they’re the center of the world. In a way, they kinda are. Look, I’ve lived in Europe. I’ve lived in New Zealand, Australia. I’ve heard people say, “You think you’re the center of the world.” Well, what kinda what happens in the states affects everywhere.

Via Newsmax TV:

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