43 Percent Of Likely Iowa Caucus Democrats IDENTIFY AS SOCIALISTS

bernie sanders

Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem is that she’s running as a Democrat in a party that’s been taken over by socialists. No wonder Bernie Sanders is doing so well.

The Washington Post reports:

Can Clinton find the spark to fend off the challenge from Sanders?

It seemed unimaginable that a Clinton, particularly a Clinton who could become the first woman U.S. president in history, could be overshadowed in a political campaign this year and yet that’s currently the case. Trump and Trumpism loom over the entire country. His candidacy is the talk everywhere, for better and worse.

Sanders also creates his own energy force with an unabashedly liberal, big-government agenda that brings cheers from the progressive wing of the party. He has tapped into pent-up frustration on the left that has proven to be a potent force.

Little noticed in this week’s Des Moines Register-Bloomberg Politics Iowa poll was this finding: a remarkable 43 percent of likely Democratic caucus participants describe themselves as socialists, including 58 percent of Sanders’s supporters and about a third of Clinton’s.

In 2008, leftists seethed if you called Obama a socialist.

Funny how things change, huh?


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