22 Year Old Swedish Female Asylum Worker STABBED TO DEATH BY REFUGEE (VIDEO)

22 year old Swede

At what point do the leaders of countries taking in violent refugees get held accountable for their actions? This young woman was trying to help refugees and she paid with her life.

Breitbart reports:

22 Year Old Swedish Asylum Centre Worker Stabbed To Death By Migrant

A young Swedish woman employed at an asylum centre has died following an attack by a migrant at the centre, the Swedish news agency TT has reported.

The victim, 22 year-old Alexandra Mezher, was rushed to a nearby hospital after being stabbed repeatedly, but later died.

Swedish police have refused to comment on the identity of the man whois suspected of murdered her but have stated that he is under arrest and will be charged with murder or manslaughter and that he was a resident of the centre. The centre in Mölndal is primarily for unaccompanied minors aged 14-17.

The motive for the attack remains unknown and police have not commented to media extensively about the case. Police spokesman Christer Fuxborg did tell Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, “the woman who was taken to Sahlgrenska Hospital this morning died because of the injuries she received in connection with the altercation, relatives are informed.”

Miss Mezher’s cousin described her as “an angel.” She told Swedish media: “It is so terrible. She was a person who wanted to do good, who wanted to be good.

Here’s a video report:


This is who Democrats want to bring to America.


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