Why Didn’t Elizabeth Warren Acknowledge Native American History Month?

Elizabeth Warren angry

Senator Elizabeth Warren has claimed that she’s part Native American. In fact, she owes much of her success to that suggestion. So why didn’t she do anything for Native American history month?

Howie Carr of the Boston Herald wants to know:

Elizabeth Warren is a broken arrow

November was Native American Heritage Month.

Perhaps some of you fork-tongued devils didn’t know that, but surely America’s first female Indian U.S. senator did.

I refer of course to U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, she of the high cheekbones, the woman who was going absolutely nowhere in a lackluster academic career until she began, uh, checking the box, claiming to be a Native American.

After all, she claimed, her “paw-paw” told her so. Of course he did, Fauxcahontas.

You’ve heard of Sitting Bull? Sen. Warren is Spreading Bull.

Back to Native American Heritage Month, highlighted by Heritage Day, which was last Thursday. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who I’m fairly certain is not Seminole despite her Florida residence, put out a press release:

“As Americans, we recognize the rich and vibrant cultures of America’s first peoples. …”

Well, some of us do. But not, apparently, Sen. Lieawatha. I checked out her Senatorial website and guess what — no press releases about Native American Heritage Month.

That’s a little strange, isn’t it?

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