White House Blames Republican Rhetoric For Anger After San Bernardino Attack (VIDEO)

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If you believe White House spokesman Josh Earnest, the reason Americans are divided after the San Bernardino terror attack is the fault of Republican rhetoric:

White House spokesman Josh Earnest blamed Republican presidential candidates Monday for a lack of national unity after the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Earnest was responding to a question posed by Andrew Beatty, the Agence France-Presse’s White House correspondent, who asked why the country does not appear to be coming together as it has after similar national tragedies in the past.

“The president’s address last night included a call for national unity,” Beatty began his question. “I was wondering if you’re surprised that there hasn’t been that kind of unity as you may have seen in previous attacks, for example after 9/11.”

Earnest responded that two ideas “immediately come to mind,” the first of which being that the United States is a diverse country “very united around a set of core principles.”

Second, Earnest cited Republican 2016 presidential candidates as the primary cause for disunity.

“A lot of these issues are being discussed in the context of a hotly competitive presidential election,” Earnest said. “And we have seen a willingness on the part of some candidates…to use some divisive rhetoric. And they have done that, I think, in rather cynical fashions, understanding that it runs contrary to the values of our country but also understanding that the intensity of some of those emotions could propel their political campaigns.”

Watch the video:

Nothing is the fault of Obama, Democrats, the media or Muslims. Ever.


It’s always the fault of Republicans.


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