White Chicago Pastor Leads ‘Prayer of Repentance’ on Behalf of Racist White Brethren (Video)

White Chicago Pastor Daniel Hill led a prayer of repentance on behalf of his racist white brethren last night on CNN.
white pastor chicago

Pastor Hill said he wanted to confess for his white brothers and sisters for devaluing black lives.

Mediaite reported:


A white Chicago pastor led a prayer of repentance last night in which he said he wanted to “confess on behalf of my white brothers and sisters” for how black lives have been systematically devalued.

Pastor Daniel Hill said, “We repent of the violent acts done in the name of racism. We repent of the apathy that has caused so many of us to sit on the sidelines.”

On CNN this afternoon, he explained to Brooke Baldwin that it’s important to acknowledge the sins carried out by white people against black people over the course of American history.

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