Watch Bernie Sanders Apologize to Hillary Clinton Over DNC Data Breach at #DemDebate (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister

Bernie Sanders apologizes

This is so pathetic. Two days ago, Bernie Sanders was suing the DNC. Now he’s apologizing to Hillary Clinton in a debate?

It’s clear that Sanders is no longer running for president, but a job in a Hillary administration as the Billionaire Czar.


ABC News has the transcript:

Bernie Sanders Apologizes to Hillary Clinton Over Accessing Voter Data

Bernie Sanders apologized to Hillary Clinton in the third Democratic debate hosted by ABC News after his staffers accessed Clinton’s voter data.

“Yes, I apologize,” he said when asked whether Clinton was owed an apology. “Not only do I apologize, I want to apologize to my supporters. This is not the kind of campaign that we run. If I find anybody else involved in this, they will be fired.”

“I very much appreciate that comment, Bernie,” Clinton responded. “We should move on because I don’t think the American people are all that interested in this. I think they’re more interested in what we have to say about all the big issues facing us.”

Watch the video:

Why is the Democratic Party even bothering with more debates?

We all know who’s getting the nomination.


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