UNREAL. Obama Says the Celebrity Gets Old – On Same Week He Does Bear Grylls and Jerry Seinfeld Shows

It’s fair to say we’ve probably never seen a more narcissistic and oblivious president in US history.

In his latest taped interview Barack Obama says he focused on safetythe world is on fire, prosperityAmericans make less money today than when he became president 7 years ago, and tolerant – race riots are breaking out across the country.

Obama then says the celebrity gets old – on the same week he just did Bear Grylls Show and a driving show with Jerry Seinfeld.


obama bear grylls


This guy is too much.

The president has conducted a few interviews of his own recently, so NPR asked him: What does he want to ask the next president?

Posted by NPR on Monday, December 28, 2015

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