UH OH: DNC Accuses Bernie Sanders Campaign of Accessing Hillary Clinton Voter Data

Bernie and Hillary

There’s big trouble brewing in the Democratic Party. The Democratic National Committee has accused the Bernie Sanders campaign of accessing voter data from the Hillary Clinton campaign. This is big.

The Washington Post reports:

DNC: Sanders campaign improperly accessed Clinton voter data

Officials with the Democratic National Committee have accused the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders of improperly accessing confidential voter information gathered by the rival campaign of Hillary Clinton, according to several party officials.

Jeff Weaver, the Vermont senator’s campaign manager, acknowledged that a low-level staffer had viewed the information but blamed a software vendor hired by the DNC for a glitch that allowed access. Weaver said one Sanders staffer was fired over the incident.

The discovery sparked alarm at the DNC, which promptly shut off the Sanders campaign’s access to the strategically crucial list of likely Democratic voters.

The DNC maintains the master list and rents it to national and state campaigns, which then add their own, proprietary information gathered by field workers and volunteers. Firewalls are supposed to prevent campaigns from viewing data gathered by their rivals.

This could cause an all out war in the party.


High ranking Democrats have clearly put all their faith into Hillary but the party’s progressive base is more excited about Bernie Sanders.

Expect accusations of a set-up from Sanders fans.

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