TRUMP: We Have to Make the Terrorist Families Suffer!… There Has to be Retribution! (VIDEO)

Businessman Donald Trump went on with Bill O’Reilly to discuss national security before the San Bernardino terrorist attacks.

trump familes suffer

Trump told Bill — We have to make the families suffer.

Donald Trump: We have to do what Israel was doing for a period of time. Take out means you have to wipe out their homes where they came from. You have to absolutely wipe them out. It’s the only way you’re going to stop terrorism. You have all these cells all over the place…

Bill O’Reilly: Would you kill the family members of terrorists? Would you have killed the Bin Laden family?

Donald Trump: I don’t want to be so bold. I will tell you, they will suffer!... We have to be much more vigilant and we have to be much tougher. We can’t allow this to happen… There has to be retribution and if there never is retribution you’re never going to stop terrorism.

This interview was taped before Islamists slaughtered 14 innocents in San Bernardino.
The interview aired the day after the attacks.

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