Trump Gets Quick Results for Wounded Veteran in VA Disputes

A wounded veteran whom Donald Trump pledged to help has seen quick results since the first update announced by the Trump campaign in October. Within two weeks of meeting Trump, the VA resolved back pay and medical records issues for the veteran.

Trump Todd Landen YouTube Blaze
Donald Trump speaks with Todd Landen and family at Sioux City rally, image from YouTube via The Blaze.

U.S. Army First Sgt. Todd Landen (Ret.) spoke to Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate, on October 27 at a Sioux City, Iowa campaign rally about problems he was having with the Veterans Administration.


Trumped pledged to help Landen saying,…”As president I can guarantee it. As Trump I can say, ‘I’ll probably be able to pull it off anyway.’ Because they know it won’t stop…”

The Trump campaign announced the next day that phone calls had already been made on behalf of Landen.

In an article published November 1, Landen told the Sioux City Journal’s Tim Gallagher about the phone calls and early results.

“Prior to his question for “The Donald,” the Landens say several of Todd’s medical records were not being shared between the VA and a neurosurgeon in Dakota Dunes. Things changed in a matter of 24 hours.

“”We communicated all day on Wednesday with Trump’s campaign manager,” Aprel said. “They communicated with us, as did (U.S. Rep.) Steve King’s office. The records are being shared today. Maybe that’s a coincidence.””

Senior Trump adviser Daniel Scavino, Jr. announced via YouTube and Twitter Thursday night that a pay issue had been resolved in Landen’s favor.

“Obama did nothing for this #Veteran in 7 years – either did Hillary! @realDonaldTrump did – as promised! #Trump2016”

The YouTube video shows an image of a letter on U.S. Senate letterhead from an unidentified senator with personal details removed that states the VA informed the senator’s office that Landen’s “retroactive compensation payment” was processed on November 9.

Video title and description:

“Donald J. Trump’s Commitment to Veteran

“Donald Trump made a commitment to help out a Veteran, who received Mr. Trump’s attention at a rally, where he did a Q&A. When Mr. Trump saw the Veteran, he walked off the stage – and spoke with him face to face on October 27, 2015. He made a commitment, seen here. The results are coming in – and the Trump campaign will continue to work with this Veteran, and be there for him. Imagine what President Donald Trump will do for the entire VA? He gets things done.”

Video from October 27, 2015 of Trump speaking with Landen.

Todd Landen Family Washington Life
Todd Landen and family, 2011 image via Washington Life article on Luke’s Wings charity that provides urgent airfare for wounded warriors and their families.

Landen, 46, has endured twenty-one operations since being injured in an IED explosion while riding in a Humvee in Kirkuk, Iraq on July 7, 2006.

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