The Middle Class Overwhelmingly Votes Republican – And These Middle Class Voters Support Trump

Guest post by Joe Hoft

dallas trump rally

According to US Census statistics the Republican Party is overwhelmingly the party of the middle class.

The Democratic Party on the other hand overwhelmingly represents the very rich and the poorest districts in America. Democrats represent 14 of the richest 20 congressional districts in the US. Democrats represent 36 of the poorest 39 districts in the US. They rely on poor voters and liberal elites to put them in office.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, represents the middle class by a 2 to 1 ratio when compared with the Democratic party.

When Barack Obama came into office white-leaning districts split between the parties almost equally during the 111th Congress, in 2009-10.

Today Republicans hold a 3-1 advantage in working class white districts. Punitive Democratic policies have pushed working class Americans to the GOP.

Today the working middle class is the base of the Republican Party.

Last weekend Wall Street Journal published an article reporting that “Donald Trump has built his leading position in the Republican primary race by bringing together an underappreciated segment of the party, the blue-collar base.

Donald Trump has built his leading position in the Republican primary race by bringing together an underappreciated segment of the GOP—blue-collar voters who aren’t especially animated by social issues—and who may be setting the stage for an unusual, three-person sprint to the nomination.

Mr. Trump’s appeal is a form of secular populism rarely seen in Republican primary races, and one he is pressing in part with appearances in working-class communities in Iowa that include independent voters and even Democrats who may be lured into the caucuses. The celebrity businessman’s message appears to resonate among voters who believe most strongly that political leaders are unable to put the nation back on track.

The WSJ notes that Trump’s backers tend to be more working class than upper income which should come as no surprise to the Republican Party.
Trump represents the GOP base.

The heart of the Republican Party – the working class – supports Trump.
Isn’t it about time the GOP elites listen to their base?

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