Back in November, Colbert dropped to third place and now he’s sunk to fourth. How can this be happening?

Maybe Americans just don’t like being lectured by left wing activists disguised as late night hosts.

Joe Concha reports at Mediaite:


Colbert Slips to 4th Place in Late-Night Race, Beaten By Seth Meyers Who Airs One-Hour Later

For Stephen Colbert and CBS, this wasn’t the game plan.

Because now…just three months after so much hype and so much love went into Mr. Colbert’s debut as the new host of Late Night, the former Comedy Central star has somehow fallen into 4th place where it matters most. In the all-important demo, he’s now being doubled up (and then some) by NBC’s Jimmy Fallon (outscored by 137 percent) and hasn’t beaten ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel in over a month. But here’s where CBS brass is likely doing a double-take: During the week of November 23-27, the 11:35 PM Late Show on CBS was beaten by Seth Meyers, who happens to be on one hour later (12:35 PM) on the Peacock.

John Nolte of Breitbart has more:

Late Night Loser: Stephen Colbert Sinks to 4th Place

Now that Steven Colbert has sunk to a humiliating 4th place in the ratings, permit me a rare told you so.

Back when the move was announced, it made no sense to me. Steven Colbert had no audience at Comedy Central. Because he’s a shrill left-winger, the DC Media love him and his attacks on Republicans constantly went viral at CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and the like. But as far as the American people, Colbert’s ratings were always embarrassing. Fewer than 1% of the population tuned into “The Colbert Report,” and he was regularly beat by reruns of shows like “The Family Guy.”

Colbert’s left-wing politics are largely responsible for his low ratings.

Americans have voted with their remote controls.

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