Texas School District Teaches Critical Thinking With ISLAMIC STATE RECRUITING Homework

ISIS Or Daesh Militants Control Yarmuk Palestinian Camp - Damascus

If you did not think public education was a fail already, that might change after you read this.

Breitbart reports:

HOUSTON, Texas — A high school in one of the largest school districts in the nation, Houston ISD, says that an Islamic State recruiting homework assignment “teaches critical and analytical thinking skills using current events.” The assignment was given to ninth graders one school day after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The homework also had students analyze statements by Osama Bin Laden about the suicide bombing on the USS Cole. Bin Laden was attributed with saying, “If you would have seen it with your own eyes, you would have been very pleased, and your heart would have been filled with joy.”

Breitbart News reported on Tuesday about the beating death of Samra Kesinovic, the teenage girl who went to Syria with a friend to join the Islamic State. She was reportedly beat to death when she attempted to escape the radical Islamic group. She had been living with other young female recruits in Raqqa, Syria, the de facto capital of the Islamic State.

Other questions on Islam and other topics were included in the assignment which is attached below.

The 9th grade Geography teacher at Bellaire High School, Jorge Aranda, gave his students the assignment on how to write a Document Based Question. One mother noticed that her daughter’s homework included a question about an Islamic State Tumblr blog in which a female recruiter attempts to recruit young women jihadists.

Isn’t this reassuring?

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