Terror Attacks Prompt Spike in Gun Sales – Enough Guns to Create New Military Branch

Recent terror attacks around the world have led to a spike in the number of people looking to buy firearms.
And, that was BEFORE the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

A poster showing Barack Obama is seen in the background as customers line up to look at firearms at a gun shop in Fort Worth, Texas, Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008. The Cheaper Than Dirt gun store recorded a record day of gun sales the day after the election of President-elect Barack Obama and is having trouble keeping up with the demand for assault riffles. (Flickr)

** Americans bought enough arms on Black Friday to create a new military branch.

On November 27, 2015, more than 185,000 Americans filled out FBI background checks to purchase guns. That’s the highest day for gun sales since 2012.
Dayton Daily News reported:

Recent terror attacks around the world and mass shootings in the United States have led to a spike in the number of people looking to own firearms, a trend that’s likely to continue in the wake of Wednesday’s killings in Georgia and California, area gun experts say.

“We’ve had people who’d never dreamt they’d be in that position come in taking training on what kind of gun to get before they go out and buy a gun because that’s very important,” said Jeff Pedro, owner of SimTrainer Indoor Range and Firearms Training Center in Moraine.

Ohio is on track this year to surpass the number of concealed carry licenses issued in 2014. The spike comes as the FBI reported that Black Friday had the highest number of applications nationwide for background checks on people wanting to buy firearms.

On Nov. 27, more than 185,000 background checks — the most reliable barometer for gun sales — were sought, FBI records show. That’s the highest day for gun sales since Dec. 21, 2012, following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, when more than 25 were killed in Newtown, Conn.

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