ISIS Sends Out Threatening “Convert or Die” Letters in SWEDEN – Join Islam or Lose Head!

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Swedish officials are in a state of panic after dozens of citizens received an ISIS threat to convert or die.

ISIS offered Swedish citizens to convert to Islam, pay the jizya or decapitation.

The citizens were told they had three days to make their decision.
Here is a copy of the letter.
isis threat sweden

** So far, in 2015, 150,000 asylum seekers have been registered in Sweden.

Raymond Ibrahim reported:

“According to a new report published yesterday, December 12, by RT Arabic, the ‘Swedish government is in a state of panic after dozens of its citizens received threatening letters signed by ISIS and offering them three choices, either conversion to Islam, payment of jizya, or decapitation.’

The letters warned their recipients that they had three days to decide.

Written in the Swedish language, the letters appeared yesterday on dozens of homes in different cities at the same time. Police are reportedly taking the threat ‘very seriously.’ Among other regions, letters appeared in the cities of Ronneba, Sigtuna, Vstroes and the capital Stockholm.

Along with threatening those who refuse to convert to Islam or pay the jizya with death, some letters also threatened their recipients with ‘the bombing of theirs roofs above their heads.’ The letters further warned that the police will not save recipients of the letters and that ‘death would extend to all.’

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