Support for Trump SPIKES After Muslim Ban Comments – Leads All Candidates by 20 Points in Carolina!

Support for Donald Trump SPIKED 8 points after his Muslim ban comments.
Trump now leads all candidates by 20 points in South Carolina.
trump poll spike

Support for Donald Trump spiked 8 points after proposing this week that the US ban Muslim immigrants until the security of the homeland can be guaranteed.

FOX News reported:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have commanding leads in the race for their parties’ nominations in South Carolina, according to the latest Fox News poll.

It’s no wonder Trump is leading. He’s ahead among both those who prioritize national security and economic issues. He’s the top pick among voters on the two most important candidate qualities — strong leader and, to a lesser degree, honest and trustworthy. Plus, he’s considered the most electable — by a lot.

Trump leads with 35 percent among South Carolina Republican primary voters. Ben Carson gets 15 percent, and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio receive 14 percent each.

All other candidates are in single digits, including Jeb Bush at 5 percent.

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