Starbucks Changes Logo in Saudi Arabia Because Original Showed Too Much Female Flesh

Starbucks created controversy when they decided to go with “Holiday” cups instead of “Christmas” cups in their product design this year.

You see, Starbucks has no problem offending Christians.

But they bowed down to the Islamists.
In Saudi Arabia they changed their logo because the original showed too much naked female flesh.



It’s true.
Starbucks changed their logo to appease the misogynists in Saudi Arabia.
Via Marcel Gagne:

Over in the coffee aisle, Starbucks is busy caring about the environment, but women are apparently not part of the environment. When I posted my dismay about IKEA earlier today, a friend pointed out that Starbucks is also big on kissing Saudi fanny. They too have erased women from their corporate image when it comes to placating the sexuallly repressive misogynystic male population. It seems that the mermaid logo still shows too much female flesh, so Starbucks also chose to erase half the population, if only symbolically. Their famous logo, featuring the two-tailed mermaid, was changed for the Saudi market to show only a stylized crown over waves; see the image below left for the current Starbucks logo with the Saudi version below.

starbuks saudi

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