Sleazy MN Council Woman “Doxes” Constituents Who Opposed Her Involvement in Illegal Protest

Minneapolis City Council Member Alondra Cano joined protesters at the illegal #BlackLivesMatter rally at the Mall of America this week.
The protesters were asked to call off their illegal event but held it anyway.

They shut down the mall and killed business for at least two hours during Christmas week.
blm mall of america

Alondra Cano at a previous Black Lives Matter protest in November.


When several constituents condemned her involvement in the illegal protest – she called them racists and posted their personal information online.
She “doxed” them.
The Star Tribune reported, via Power Line:

A Minneapolis City Council member is drawing criticism for what some see as an effort to publicly shame constituents who objected to her involvement in Wednesday’s Black Lives Matter rally at the Mall of America and the airport.

Council Member Alondra Cano, who represents the Ninth Ward, has been accused of “doxing” — posting personal information about people who criticized her for supporting the Black Lives Matter events — on Twitter.

Stephen Dent, who said he had previously contributed to Cano’s campaign, wrote to her and told Cano she was unfit to serve on the council by “closing private property” and “supporting illegal actions.”

Cano then tweeted Dent’s email address and phone number to her roughly 2,000 followers.

“What she did to me and others put a huge chill on our democratic society,” Dent said in a phone interview early Thursday. “It has broken my trust with public officials in the city of Minneapolis.”

Attempts to reach Cano Thursday morning were not successful.

Dent said that as a 62 year old gay man he understands discrimination and is sympathetic to the aims of Black Lives Matter but does not believe Cano should have been participating in the protests.

As for posting his cell phone and email address, “I understand the law allows her to do this. But what she did was unethical,” said Dent, who said he is an organizational psychologist and author. He said he has filed an ethics complaint with the city.

Council member Cano “doxed” her constituents who opposed her lawbreaking.

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