Soldiers Die in Afghanistan And The Washington Post Worries About OBAMA’S VACATION

Obama Golf 15

Liberals in media worship Barack Obama and he’s their greatest concern in any situation. Even the deaths of American soldiers are nothing more than a potential threat to his vacation.

From the Washington Post:

The war in Afghanistan follows Obama to his vacation in Hawaii

A deeply conflicted President Obama warned earlier this year when he extended the American troop presence in Afghanistan that he did not support “the idea of endless war.”

For Obama, the deaths Monday of six U.S. soldiers near Bagram air base underscore the perils of his decision to keep as many as 9,800 troops in Afghanistan through much of next year.

A war that Obama had pledged to end before he left office is now increasingly looking endless. That war followed him here to his native Hawaii, where he is on a two-week vacation with his wife and daughters.

Obama has spoken bluntly of the emotional toll that American military deaths have taken on him as he has dispatched troops to Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently Syria. Last month, he lashed out at critics urging him to do more militarily in Iraq and Syria, saying he wouldn’t send U.S. forces into combat just to look “tough.”

Poor Obama.



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