SICK: Ohio Man Puts up Zombie Nativity Scene With Monster Baby Jesus (VIDEO)

Baby Jesus Zombie

An Ohio man is under fire from his neighbors for putting a Zombie nativity scene in his yard which features a depiction of the baby Jesus as a monster with fangs. It’s the send year he’s done so.

People reports:

‘Zombie Nativity’ Scene a Battleground for Ohio Man

Oh come, all ye zombies.

Jasen Dixon’s zombie-themed nativity scene is only a two-year-old tradition for the Sycamore Township, Ohio, man, but it’s been a hard journey.

“I wanted a zombie scene actually, a manger scene,” Dixon told WCPO last year. “All I had to work with since I work at 13 Room Haunted House is zombies. It’s a different take. I hand made everything, but Joseph and baby Jesus, so it’s kind of artsy.”

Last year, Dixon was ordered to remove the structure from his front yard – police said he lacked the proper permit to have the display in his yard. This year, he applied for a permit, but was denied; the structure violates neighborhood zoning code, apparently.

Dixon is skeptical of the party line, however: “I think it’s the theme,” he told WKRC. It just rubs people the wrong way and it puts the spotlight on me. That’s why they’re coming down so hard on me.”

And coming down hard they are: Dixon faces a $500/day fine as long as the scene stays up. As of Friday, he’d already forked over a day’s worth of that.

Here’s a video report from FOX 19:


Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Don’t let stupid leftists ruin your Christmas.


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