SHOCKING VIDEO=> ISIS Savage Blows Himself Up in Crowd After Car Bombing

The joys of radical Islam…
Here is the shocking moment ISIS savage Abu Ahmed al-Homsi blew himself up on a crowded street in Homs, Syria.
isis bomber homs

Al-Homsi blew up a car bomb then when a crowd gathered he blew himself up moments later.
The video is HERE.

Al-Alam reported:

This is the shocking moment an ISIS suicide bomber blows himself up in a crowd which had gathered at the scene of a car bomb he detonated seconds earlier, killing at least 16 people.

The bomber, named by ISIS as Abu Ahmed al-Homsi, detonated the car bomb before activating his explosives belt, killing 16 people and wounding dozens more in the Syrian city. Firefighters, security forces and dozens of other men packed into the residential street where the blast occurred, searching for victims and seeking to rescue the injured.

ISIS blew up another car in Homs last week.

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