Seriously?… Pope Francis Says Fundamentalism Is a Disease of ‘All Religions’

There have been over 27,000 deadly Islamist attacks in the name of Allah since the 9-11 attacks on New York City.

pope francis

Newsmax reported:

Pope Francis said Monday that fundamentalism was “a disease of all religions”, including the Roman Catholic Church, but had nothing to do with God.

“Fundamentalism is always a tragedy. It is not religious, it lacks God, it is idolatrous,” the Argentine pontiff told journalists on the plane during his return from a trip to Africa.

Francis said Islam was not the only religion to suffer from violent extremists, such as the ones behind the deadly attacks in Paris which were claimed by the Islamic State.

“We Catholics, we have a few, even many fundamentalists. They believe they know absolute truth and corrupt others,” he said, adding: “I can say this because this is my Church”.

This man is dangerous.


Vlad Tepes responded to the pope’s latest nonsense:

Really? Cause I know some pretty fundamentalist buddhists and none of them have ever blown up a mosque or discussed it like a good thing. There has never been wars between Mahayana and Hineyana buddhist sects to the best of my knowledge and despite the fact that at some point, the Hindus managed to take back control of India after muslim general Tamerlan had committed the largest genocide in the history of the world against them, at least since Homo Sapien Sapien defeated Homo Neandehalis anyway, the Hindus did not commit a genocide against the muslims, nor did they make the practice of it illegal and nor did they tear down all the mosques even if in hindsight, they probably should have. The pope must have a secret handshake and a secret belly laugh he shares with Obama when they manage to get into the same room with no cameras on.

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