Second Suspicious Cellphone Purchase at Mid-Missouri Walmart

Early Saturday morning two “foreign speaking” men set off alarms after they entered the local Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri and purchased 60 cellphones. The purchase was made around 4 AM in the morning. Police were called but released the men saying they didn’t have a legal reason to detain them.

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Now this…
The Macon County Sheriff’s office is investigating a second suspicious purchase of dozens of cellphones at the Columbia Walmart on Conley Road.
ABC 17 reported:

ABC 17 News learned Wednesday night that the Macon County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a suspicious purchase of multiple cell phones at the Macon Walmart. The FBI in St. Louis and Springfield have been contacted and are investigating.

ABC 17 News reported early Wednesday that 100 prepaid cell phones were purchased at two Missouri Walmarts over the weekend, which caused concerned employees to report the incidents to authorities.

The Columbia Police Department was notified Monday of a suspicious purchase at the Walmart on Conley Road.

According to the police report, several men bought dozens of phones around 9:30 Friday night.

A witness, who didn’t want to be identified, said the men paid with cash only.

“Right then and there I knew there was not something adding up about this. It’s not right, it doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “Who’s going to order 50 phones for Christmas? Who does that?”

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