San Bernardino Terrorists Given Traditional ISLAMIC FUNERAL

san bernardino

President Obama and the Left keep claiming that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. But, when it came to the San Bernardino terrorists’ funeral, they got a very traditional Islamic burial.

Breitbart reports:

Radical Islamic terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik received a traditional Islamic burial Tuesday.

The U.S.-born Farook, 28, and his Pakistani-born accomplice wife Malik, 29, were buried Tuesday in a quiet, graveside funeral which followed traditional Islamic rituals (Salat al-Janazah) and was guarded by FBI agents, according to Reuters. The only Muslim cemetery that was willing to take the bodies of the terrorists who murdered 14 people and left 21 wounded during a December 2 holiday party is located several hours away from San Bernardino, where the attack took place. No one was willing to identify the cemetery where the terrorists are buried for fear of reprisal.

It was thought no one in the Muslim community would accept their bodies due to the nature of their crime.

Reuters notes that 10 people were in attendance, including members of Farook’s family and people who used to pray with him at a mosque in San Bernardino, although it is noted that many of those who attended mosques with the couple refused to attend. Farook used to attend Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah mosque in San Bernardino in addition to several others throughout the county.

The funeral was kept quiet for obvious reasons.


Image: (Breitbart)

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