Writer Thinks Bernie Sanders Can Win BY APPEALING TO TRUMP SUPPORTERS

Bernie Sanders Donald Trump

A writer for Salon seems to think Bernie Sanders can win the election by tapping into Donald Trump supporters.

If you needed further proof that the left is crazy, here you go:

This is how Bernie Sanders wins: The appeal to Donald Trump voters that would turn 2016 upside down

Donald Trump has carved out an interesting niche for himself in the Republican Party. In recent years, the GOP has been dominated by conservative evangelicals and what you might call the establishment wing of the party – think Mike Huckabee or Ben Carson versus Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush.

But Trump is a bit of an enigma – he doesn’t fit neatly into either of these boxes…

Trump is an empty vessel onto which angry and disillusioned white people can project their resentment, and nothing more.

But if Trump supporters were more interested in class than race, if they were honestly seeking an economic populist, someone who will advance the interests of the entire working class, they’d flock to Bernie Sanders. Sanders doesn’t traffic in xenophobia like Trump does, but he speaks directly to the concerns of alienated Trump supporters, and he does so in a serious and non-platitudinous way.

In fact, Sanders just gave a seminal speech in which he explained, in very clear terms, what’s wrong with the very system against which Trump voters are revolting.

Does anyone believe Trump supporters would ever back Bernie Sanders?


These people are insane.


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