REPORT: NPR Discusses Women’s Issues FIVE TIMES MORE Than Men’s

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Feminists continue to claim that society is living in the stone age and men are the problem behind everything. Yet in reality, there’s more bias against men.

Breitbart reports:

Analysis of over 150,000 NPR stories has shown a clear bias against men at the network, with stories about women’s issues covered far more frequently than men’s.

Blogger Chris Mumford wrote a computer program that analysed hundreds of thousands of NPR’s story “tags” – the metadata associated with articles that tells you which category of news the story is covering. The results, which covered stories from 2010 to 2015, were shocking.

Mumford found that there were only 45 tags related to men and men’s issues, compared to 115 for women and women’s issues. Furthermore, unlike the female tags, several of the male tags had negative connotations, including “black male privilege,” “yes men,” and the oddly specific “creepy men on motorcycles” tag.


Will angry feminists shut up now?

Image: (The Guardian)


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