REMINDER: Republican Staffer Who Criticized Obama’s Daughters LOST HER JOB

Elizabeth Lauten

No one at the Washington Post has lost their job over the incredibly offensive cartoon they published featuring Ted Cruz’s daughters as monkeys.

Yet just over a year ago, Republican staffer Elizabeth Lauten lost her job for merely criticizing Obama’s daughters.

The CBC reported:


Insulting Obama daughters costs Republican staffer her job

A Republican staffer resigned Monday morning after a backlash prompted by a Facebook post she wrote attacking the appearance and behaviour of U.S. President Barack Obama’s teenage daughters.

Elizabeth Lauten told NBC on Monday morning that her resignation was “in the works” and shortly after the Washington Post reported she had confirmed her resignation to the newspaper.

The Obama girls, Malia, 16, and Sasha, 13, generated some lighthearted buzz on Wednesday when they accompanied their father to the annual Thanksgiving turkey pardon ceremony at the White House. They looked less than thrilled to be there.

Some media coverage and social media users noted their side-eye directed at their father and Malia’s cool response of “Nah” when her dad asked if she wanted to pet one of the birds. They were acting like typical teenagers, people said.

Double standard much?

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