PROJECTS FOR EVERYONE: Liberal Journalist Calls For End Of Private Home Ownership

Public Housing

Have you driven by a public housing project lately? If so, you may have noticed decrepit living conditions. The left thinks it would be great if everyone lived that way.

Check out this progressive masterpiece from The Nation:

How to Get Rid of Your Landlord and Socialize American Housing, in 3 Easy Steps

Let’s get rid of private housing.

Plenty of time and effort have lately gone into analyzing a host of related crises—homelessness, unaffordable urban real estate, devastating gentrification, and a housing bubble whose burst landed us in the Great Recession. But the explanations tend to be incomplete, the attributions shortsighted, and the policies rearguard. For every liberal who insists that deregulating zoning laws will curb skyrocketing urban housing prices, there’s a conservative who blames the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act for the housing bubble, and none of them is anywhere near the mark.

The true culprit is so deeply embedded in American notions of wealth, rights, and property that we cannot see it for the terrible economy policy it is: private housing. Real estate as a store of private wealth is the rotten tree that sprouts these diseased branches, and the solution is to quit pruning twigs and chop the sucker down.

I’ll propose some models and policies that can do the trick, but first — what is private housing, exactly?

What is private housing? Just the engine which drives our entire economy.

The left has been empowered by Bernie Sanders.

They’re no longer content to pretend and have gone full communist.


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