PC MADNESS: Prof Urges Students To Wish Each Other HAPPY FEDERAL HOLIDAY

PC Christmas

A professor at the University of Central Florida thinks she has figured out a politically correct way to get around mentioning Christmas by focusing on the government because that’s what leftists do.

J.D. Durkin reported at Mediaite:

This Week in PC Run Amok: School Professor Calls on Students to Say ‘Happy Federal Holiday’

A professor for political science at the University of Central Florida recently wrote an opinion piece for UCFToday calling for students to begin wishing one another a “Happy Federal Holiday” salutation instead of others that may be too selective and inclusive.

Terri Susan Fine wrote in “A Holiday Greeting That Applies to Everyone” that, “In our efforts to be inclusive, we show cultural insensitivity both by equating one major holiday with a minor holiday and failing to recognize that diversity includes those who celebrate neither holiday.” She notes that the typical greetings of “Merry Christmas” “Happy Chanukah” and even “Happy Holidays” only “cover most of the bases”. Her solution?

I would suggest that we take a new approach that observes “the holidays” we all have on our calendars, no matter our religion.

My friends and I wish each other a “Happy Federal Holiday.”

Is it really so hard to say Merry Christmas?


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