Paris ISIS Killer Crossed Six EU Borders Before Reaching Syria

ISIS Paris killer Salah Abdeslam is still on the run nearly three weeks after the deadly attacks.

Officials believe the most-wanted terrorist crossed six EU borders before reaching Syria. reported:

Europe’s most wanted man is now in hiding in Syria after slipping through the net at six border crossings, according to intelligence sources.

The French man is still on the run despite numerous raids and hundreds of arrests in both France and Belgium following the Paris attacks which killed 130 people.

Soon after the attacks it was revealed his car was stopped by border forces at the Belgian border, but he was allowed to continue on with his journey.

It puts the European Union’s fundamental value of freedom of movement under intense strain, with many countries already installing fences at borders to stop illegal immigrants passing through their nations.

Under what is known as the Schengen Agreement, the EU’s 400million residents and many non-EU nationals are allowed to travel freely across the continent, without the need to show any ID or wait in long queues whenever they cross a border.

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