ON NEW YEAR’S EVE: State Department Releasing Thousands of Hillary Clinton’s Emails Tonight

Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Obama administration sure is transparent, isn’t it? The State Department is releasing thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails tonight, on New Year’s Eve, when no one is paying attention.

The Washington Examiner reports:

State Dept. set to release nearly 9,000 pages of Clinton emails

State Department officials are set to publish 8,800 pages of Hillary Clinton’s private emails Thursday in what is expected to be the largest batch of such records released to date.

The email release will mark the eighth time the State Department has published a monthly trove of records under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that will force the agency to post all of Clinton’s emails online by the end of January.

Hundreds of emails are expected to be marked fully or partially classified in Thursday’s trove given the fact that all previous email releases have contained at least one classified email.

While the discovery of Clinton’s private email use rocked the Democratic primary in the spring and summer, the former secretary of state has since recovered from the harsh scrutiny. Her poll numbers rebounded after she delivered a dominating performance during an October hearing before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, when she faced multiple questions about her email network.

It must be nice to be above the law.


Especially when the government and the media are willing to cover for you.

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