Nobel Peace Prize Winner ElBaradei Says Trump Should Be ‘Punished By Law’ for Speech

Former high ranking Egyptian government official Mohamed ElBaradei, 2005 Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his work heading up the UN’s nuclear regulatory agency IAEA, took to Twitter Tuesday evening to attack leading Republican presidential candidate the day after his announcement calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the US in light of the federal government’s failures screening out Muslim terrorists.

Mohamed ElBaradei, image via CoptsUnited.

ElBaradei said Trump’s speech “promotes violence” and called for Trump to be ‘punished by law’.


“Trump’s speech is “fighting words” that inflict injury and promote violence.They should be condemned by all and punishable by law.”

ElBaradei’s call to prosecute Trump for speaking ill of Muslims is the position of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation which for years has urged the UN to ban speech critical of Islam.

Patrick Poole at PJ Media has written extensively about that campaign, which has had support from the Obama administration.

“The OIC’s push to criminalize “defamation of Islam” goes back to the OIC’s 10 Year Plan of Action adopted in 2005. Under the section “Countering Islamophobia” (VII), the plan says:

3. Endeavor to have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments.

In their published implementation plan for their 10 Year Plan of Action, they are more clear that combating “defamation of religion” is not what they were after, but rather criminalizing “Islamophobia”:

…Which is effectively what they’ve accomplished with the generous assistance of the Obama administration. Just two months before the passage of Resolution 16/18, senior Justice Department officials were meeting with U.S. Islamic groups discussing that very thing.

In fact, in my annual “National Security ‘Not Top 10’ of 2011” (no. 7) here at PJ Media, I noted the active cooperation of Hillary Clinton and the State Department in working with the OIC as part of their “Istanbul Process” to that end.”

ElBaradei has unintentionally helped Trump make his case questioning the relation between the West and Islam.

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