Nice Work, Barack=> ISIS Moves Into Afghanistan – Sets Up Training Camps – Murders Local Leader

The Jayvee team now has bases from Libya to the Sinai to Syria to Iraq to Afghanistan.

** In Libya they now have an air force.
** In Afghanistan they have training camps.

This comes as Obama withdraws US troops from the area – as he promised.
Nice work, Barack.
isis training afghan
Brutal: ISIS is pushing to expand its so-called caliphate into Afghanistan, and is gradually destroying the now divided Taliban’s control. ISIS fighters have captured vast swathes of the country since last autumn. (Daily Mail)


The Daily Mail reported:

Reports emerged this week that the Taliban leader was killed in a dramatic internal shoot-out after a meeting of commanders of the now divided movement turned sour.

The formerly united group has been severed by a bitter internal turmoil that has seen a splinter cell break away and declare loyalty to ISIS, which is steadily carving a trail of bloody destruction through the Taliban’s Afghanistan territory.

It is believed that members of the ISIS-led breakaway cell could be responsible for the as yet unconfirmed death of the Taliban’s elected leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

His death, if proven, exposes the strife among the Taliban’s top ranks as the group seems to be crumbling under ISIS’ growing strength in Afghanistan.

ISIS would have good reason to want to take out the head of the Taliban group, weakening the group as it moves in on its Afghanistan territory.

ISIS’s regional affiliate, Wilayat Khurasan, has entrenched itself in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan and launched a violent campaign against local Afghans to crush any opposition.

Its fighters have defeated the local Taliban and have begun recruiting new members from 25 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces.

A series of shocking photographs have emerged from inside the ISIS training camps, hidden deep in the forests of the mountainous region.

afghan leader killed
‘Killed’: Reports have emerged this week that Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour has been shot dead at a meeting of commanders of the now divided insurgent group. (Daily Mail)

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