Newt Gingrich: “This President Is Delusional, He Lives in Fantasy World” (Video)

The former Republican Speaker of the House weighed in on Barack Obama’s very strange remarks comparing the ISIS Paris attacks to global warming. Newt is convinced Obama is delusional.
obama angry

Newt joined Sean Hannity Tuesday on FOX News:

Here’s the challenge we have. And, you sort of came the closest of anybody in 2008 to understanding this. This president’s delusional. He’s not ideological. It’s not just he’s left wing. He lives in a fantasy world. His description yesterday that global warming going to submerge entire countries, force us to abandon cities, leave farm fields that are no longer useful. This list went on and on. It was like Al Gore at his most irrational. But this was the president of the United States. And the danger is he may believe all that stuff. None of it by the way is truth. None of what he asserted is true in the next hundred years… It’s literally a religious-like commitment to a fantasy world.

Via Hannity:

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