New York Republican Leaders Want Trump Banished from Party – Trump Responds

Once again the GOP elites expose just how much they despise their Middle Class base.
dallas trump rally
Trump supporters in Dallas

New York Republican leaders are discussing the possibility of banishing Donald Trump from the party… despite the fact that he is the current GOP front-runner.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslim immigrants is straining his already shaky relationship with the Republican establishment in his home state of New York.

Joe Lhota, the 2013 GOP mayoral candidate, is calling on the Manhattan Republican Party to kick him out, relying on an obscure election law that allows a local chair to cast out a voter “not in sympathy with the principles of such party.” Republican consultant E. O’Brien Murray is considering filing a complaint with the party.

The local party chairwoman, Adele Malpass, said Thursday that she disapproves of Mr. Trump’s anti-Muslim proposal but isn’t in favor of banishing him from the GOP.

“Mr. Trump has made many statements about immigrants, Muslims, women and other topics which are diametrically opposed to the principles of the Republican Party,” she said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal. “However, I believe in the power of democracy, and I will let the voters decide Mr. Trump’s political future.”

New York Republicans, outnumbered in a blue state, point to other transgressions: Mr. Trump has given more money to local Democrats than Republicans, gave up his GOP affiliation twice, and rarely engaged in party activities—often not bothering to vote in state and local elections…

…Asked about the proposal to eject him from the party, Mr. Trump said, “Goodbye” and hung up the phone. His campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, followed up, saying: “The notion of kicking the presidential front-runner out of the party is so absurd to me, I can’t even comprehend it.”

Trump’s response… Click.


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