MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Loses It When Asked About His Leg Thrill At #GOPDebate (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews leg thrill

Remember back in the 2008 election when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said Obama sent a thrill up his leg? He doesn’t want to talk about that anymore.

Alex Griswold reports at Mediaite:

Chris Matthews When Asked If He Still Has a ‘Thrill’ Up His Leg: ‘Go to Hell’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews was less than amused when a staffer for the conservative Media Research Center approached him before the CNN Republican debate asking if he still had a “thrill up his leg.”

In 2008, Matthews famously said that he felt a “thrill up his leg” while covering then-Senator Barack Obama. Matthews’ open enthusiasm for the candidate was widely mocked, and contributed to the decision by MSNBC to pull him and Keith Olbermann from anchorage of political events.

Flash forward to 2015, when that famous quote was thrown at the MSNBC host again. “I’m with the Media Research Center, we just want to know; how is your leg?” asked the MRC’s Dan Joseph.

“What leg?” a confused Matthews asked.

“The leg with the thrill–” he began.

Matthews suddenly got it. “Just go to hell. Just leave me alone,” he responded.

Watch the video:

Funny how things change.


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