MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Blames New York Gun Violence ON THE SOUTH (VIDEO)

Andrea Mitchell guns south

When it comes to gun violence in New York, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell thinks she knows who to blame. It’s all the fault of “the south.”

NewsBusters reports:

During a segment on her Monday MSNBC show using the third anniversary of the Newtown school shooting to demand gun control, host Andrea Mitchell pleaded for national legislation: “Andrew Cuomo, the governor who passed really tough gun legislation in New York….Yet he has said that it is impossible task because you can’t do it state by state.”

She claimed states that support gun rights were to blame: “It has to be a national conversation because those guns just come in, in people’s trunks from the south and they are actually more valuable because they get sold on the black market in New York City…”

Watch the video:


This is a person who’s being paid to report on the 2016 election.

She seems fair, huh?


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