Mother Regains Custody of Kids After Trying to Take Them to Syria to Join ISIS

A British mother who was caught taking her children to join ISIS in Syria has regained custody of her kids. High Court Judge Sir James Munby gave the mother her kids after he said he could not find evidence she was planning on joining the Islamic State.
isis women

The mother was carrying ISIS flags and electronics in her bags. reported:

A mum has won back custody of her kids after being suspected of trying to take them to Syria to live under ISIS .

The mum was arrested and her four children taken into care after they were stopped boarding a flight to Turkey.

Liverpool Crown Court heard security staff discovered 13 torches, three power packs, five mobile phones, emergency blankets and tools in their luggage as they tried to board a flight to Turkey.

The Liverpool Echo reports council social workers took the kids – two girls and two boys aged between 13 and three – into care after claiming their mum was an Islamic extremist hellbent on moving to Syria.

But she has now won her children back after a judge ruled her behaviour was suspicious but there was not enough evidence to prove she was an ISIS sympathiser.

High Court judge Sir James Munby who is the President of the Family Division, sitting at Liverpool Civil and Family Justice Centre in Vernon Street, ruled: “I am left suspicious of what the mother was really up to but I am unable to conclude that the local authority has proved any part of its case.”

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