Morrissey Compares American Airport Security To THE ISLAMIC STATE


Morrissey, former lead singer of The Smiths, really hates the TSA and how they search travelers. He’s now comparing them to a terrorist organization.

Breitbart Hollywood reports:

Controversial musician Morrissey is now comparing the Transportation Security Administration to the Islamic State, after his complaint about being groped by airport security at San Francisco International Airport was ignored.

The former Smiths frontman, now 56, claimed in an official complaint that he had been groped by an airport security guard last July as he prepared to board a British Airways flight to London from San Francisco.

“TSA have ignored my official and legal and constitutional complaint. From this we gather that TSA stands for Thorough Sexual Assault,” Morrissey wrote on the fan website True to You on Tuesday.

“If you are traveling through San Francisco International Airport you must be ready for a full sexual attack by people who claim to have your interests at heart,” he wrote.

The indie singer then added: “It is unlikely that ISIS would stoop so low.”

The TSA might be annoying but comparing them to ISIS? Really?


Image: (Stereogum)

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