MORE DISGUSTING MEDIA LIES: MSNBC Host Calls Sandy Hook Killer a “Christian Shooter” (VIDEO)

This segment was broadcast on MSNBC’s Live with Thomas Roberts at 11:48 am PST December 8, 2015.

msnbc lies shooters

The reporter on the street asked a couple from Florida about “Christian shooters” like Adam Lanza – the emotionally disturbed killer who gunned down twenty children in a gunfree zone school in Connecticut.

MSNBC host Thomas Roberts: I’m just curious, could you ask Amanda and Dave what they feel about Christian shooters. They live in Florda. Just to their north in South Carolina we had Adam Lanza kill people at Mother Emanuel. Could you ask them about Christian extremism.

Adam Lanza was not a Christian.
And, neither was Dylann Root the South Carolina shooter.
But MSNBC will lie to their audience about these mass murderers anyway.

MSNBC is openly lying to their viewers in order to pursue their anti-American, anti-Christian agenda.
What sick, sick people.
Via Free Republic:

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