Millennials Paying Ridiculous Rates For Micro Apartments

harriet-street-residences1In keeping with the green trend of living with less, today’s trendy young adults are opting to pay ridiculous prices for apartments that used to be referred as “studios”. Micro apartments, as they have been rebranded, are becoming all the rage among the hipsters in urban downtowns. And the real estate tycoons and landlords are laughing all the way to the bank.

These personifications of the participation trophy generation are going for premium prices. Though they are barely larger than most regular bedrooms, typically 200-300 square feet, the price tag is higher than that of some houses in the suburbs. A quick search of craigslist in Portland shows that many of these are going for upwards of $1000 a month. That means that the real estate moguls can pack more people into and get more dollars out of each building.

But like, man, they are totally against corporate greed, or something. Except for when it’s the hip thing to do. When this fad eventually runs its course, perhaps these will turn into government subsidized low income housing. Which means you’ll be paying $1000 for someone else to live there.


This is also causing parking problems on the street, as many of these complexes don’t have off street parking, and they are sardineing more residents per block than regular apartments.

In the Soviet Union, people were squeezed into similarly sized Kommunalkas, communal apartments. They didn’t do this by choice. They did it because it was the only place to live. Today’s American youth are crawling over themselves to live a similar lifestyle.


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