Michelle Obama Says Her Children Just Want MONEY FOR CHRISTMAS (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama Christmas

This video report from CNN will surely help you get into the spirit of Christmas with first lady Michelle Obama.

It’s wicked classy:

Asked by a patient at Children’s National Medical Center Monday what Michelle Obama was getting her husband for Christmas this year, the first lady revealed she was buying the commander-in-chief some decidedly unromantic gifts.

“He’s going to get some workout stuff,” Michelle Obama said, warning the press not to reveal the secret. “It’s not going to be very interesting this year, honey. Sorry.”

As for her kids, Obama said the teenaged daughters seemed most interested in getting money.

“They don’t want me to waste my energy picking out something they don’t want,” she said. “So it’ll just be the money.”

Watch the video:


Has anyone notified Bernie Sanders about this?

After all, money is bad.


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