Meet The Press Host Doesn’t Ask AG Lynch About Her Plan To PROSECUTE Anti-Muslim Speech

loretta lynch

Whoops, the media’s liberal bias is showing once again.

Breitbart reports:

Out here in the hinterlands, when we rubes hear no less than the Attorney General of the United States pledge to a specific group that she “will taken action” against certain kinds of “rhetoric” directed at that group,  like all threats of fascism, we consider that kind of a big deal. On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” although Lynch had made that exact pledge to a Muslim group just a few days earlier, it was not considered newsworthy, or even raised during her Sunday appearance.

Had moderator Chuck Todd’s interview been eaten up only by a search for news about the San Bernardino terror attack, one could forgive the oversight. But it wasn’t.

In fact, although a neighbor of the San Bernardino terrorists confessed that he found the couple suspicious but said nothing out of fear of being labeled an anti-Muslim racist, Todd still asked Lynch, “Both you and Director Comey have said, ‘see something, say something.’ Is there a line where you worry that people are going to be overly suspicious?”

Although Lynch did not bring the issue up, Todd also had time to push the discussion towards gun control, “Is this a time for a gun control conversation?”

Somehow, the most newsworthy statement Lynch has ever made didn’t come up in conversation.


Image: (Breitbart)

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