Media Ignore Disastrous New Poll for Hillary Clinton

A Huffington Post-Morning Consult poll of 2047 registered voters released this week shows Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson each beating Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton 45 to 40. The poll has Clinton’s unfavorable numbers at 54 percent. Also, President Barack Obama’s job disapproval is at 59 percent with 74 percent saying the country is on the wrong track. The poll has a margin of error of only plus or minus 2 percent. (PDF here.)

Trump has a crushing lead over all his GOP rivals. Trump has support from 41 percent of 865 registered Republicans in the survey. His nearest competitor is Carson at 12 percent with Marco Rubio the only other candidate to hit double digits with just 10 percent. Ted Cruz at 7 percent is the only other candidate above 5 percent.

The other Republican candidates: Jeb Bush at 5; Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee at 3; Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina and John Kasich at 2; George Pataki and Lindsey Graham at 1 and Rick Santorum at zero support. 9 percent are undecided and 1 percent support ‘other’.


Hillary Clinton leads among 808 registered Democrats with 52 percent. Bernie Sanders is at 23 percent with Martin O’Malley at 2 percent. 14 percent are undecided and 9 percent support ‘other’.

In head to head match-ups, Clinton struggles against leading and trailing Republicans.

Trump and Carson are the only to GOP candidates who outright beat Clinton, 45-40. Rubio edges Clinton 41-40. Clinton ties Bush at 41-41 and Christie at 40-40. Clinton beats Cruz 42-40, but that is within the poll’s margin of error.

A Google News search shows zero reports by the media on the poll which was taken Dec. 3- Dec. 7 and released on Wednesday.

The only other candidate whose unfavorability tops 50 percent with Clinton is the flailing Republican Jeb Bush with 53 percent. Trump’s unfavorable opinion is 48 percent.

Clinton and Trump are the best known candidates with Clinton at 100 percent and Trump at 99 percent recognition.

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